Terms and Conditions

Carefully read the following terms and conditions for the use of this website, its applications or accessory systems, before accessing or beginning to use the QUALITYWEB 360 ® services.

By accessing this site, its applications or accessory systems, you accept without limitations or conditions, the following terms.

The administrators of this site, its applications or accessory systems, reserve the right to modify the content of these terms without prior notice and to force compliance with the simple fact of freely accessing this website.

The advisory service provided by the company is merely exemplary and hypothetical, so the answers issued by the company, according to the information provided by the user, does not generate any link of responsibility of any kind, not even for purposes of formal consultation before no authority.

The user is informed that the company may immediately terminate these conditions or any of the services at any time and for any reason. In the same way, it may modify the conditions related to the services when it considers it appropriate. These modifications will be effective after their publication by QUALITYWEB 360 ®. The access or use of the services after said publication constitutes your consent to be bound by the conditions and modifications.

In the event that the cancellation of the website www.quality-web.net is made, your right of access to said website and any service through it will be immediately interrupted, the personal data that has been stored in the same, and will not be able to recover later, since they will have been eliminated in the end or will be the exclusive property of QUALITYWEB 360 ® and its legitimate owners or licensees, or in their absence of the own public, private institutions, companies or negotiations with which this one has signed contract, which have jointly provided and developed such information, for the provision of services with QUALITYWEB 360 ® and its legitimate owners and licensees.

When the user enters the website, he must prove that he is a person of legal age in the Mexican Republic, since its use is restricted for persons over eighteen years of age.

By entering and using the website, the user guarantees the personality and the ability to sign this agreement and to follow all of its conditions.

Exceptionally and in general, to make use of the services of www.quality-web.net, minors must have previously obtained the authorization of their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be responsible for all acts performed through www.quality-web.net, by minors under their care.

The present website can be accessed by any computer or computer with internet access. The system is supported to:

• Internet Explorer 9.0+

• Firefox 32.0.3

• Google Chrome 37.0

• Safari N / A 6.0+

The breach of these conditions of use, is the sole responsibility of the person accessing the website, its applications or accessory systems and an inappropriate use of it, may be the cause of administrative, civil and criminal actions that correspond, in accordance with the applicable and current legislation in the Mexican Republic and those countries in which there is an International Agreement or Treaty signed by Mexico.

OBJECT, APPLICATIONS OR ACCESSORY SYSTEMS.- The purpose of this document is to establish the general terms and conditions of use of the website www.quality-web.net on the Internet and of all the online pages related to the same site, whose owner is GS Solutions in SC Management Systems (hereinafter QUALITYWEB 360 ®), with fiscal domicile in Aurelio Aceves street number 43, Colonia Arcos Vallarta, Guadalajara, Jalisco, CP 44130, with Federal Taxpayer Registry GSS 140522 FC1.

QUALITY AND REGISTRATION.- In order to use the service that QUALITYWEB 360 ® provides, the user must register. The user of the application must commit to keep their information complete, accurate and updated to avoid being denied use or access to the services of the application. Similarly, the user will be solely responsible for any activity that occurs in your account.

The user must respect the rules applicable to each service and refrain from performing acts of any kind that contravene the safeguarding of public order, criminal investigation, public safety, national defense, dignity of the person, non-discrimination for reasons of race, religion, sex, opinion, nationality that affect any other personal or social circumstance or that are contrary or affect in any way the protection of health and childhood, or other current legislation, declining the company of any kind of liability otherwise.

The personal data provided by the user will be used by QUALITYWEB 360 ® to carry out the necessary activities related to compliance with the services offered by the application and the obligations arising from these terms and conditions.

The collection of personal data follows all the principles set out in the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals. Also, by legal provision, QUALITYWEB 360 ® does not share, disseminate or market information without the explicit consent of the owner. The personal data that the user provides, will be preserved and protected indefinitely with the greatest administrative, technical and physical security to avoid losses, incorrect uses or unauthorized access.

MODIFICATIONS TO THE AGREEMENT.- QUALITYWEB 360 ® reserves the right to make necessary modifications or updates of new legal provisions, under the general terms and conditions at any time, and said additional terms and conditions will be effective immediately and will be incorporated into this Agreement. The continued use of the services will be understood as tacit acceptance of the same, so it is the user's responsibility to re-accept them to have access to the application and the services it offers.

OBLIGATIONS AND PROHIBITIONS OF THE USERS.- It is forbidden for the user to use the information contained in www.quality-web.net, and that in this way, it may harm the QUALITYWEB 360 ® brand and its legitimate owners and licensees or public, private institutions, companies or negotiations with which this has concluded contract.

The user is also prohibited from using any means not authorized to modify or redirect the content of www.quality-web.net, or try to do so; damage, disable, overload or hinder access or information of the referred site, interfere with the use and enjoyment of access or site information by any person; or else, to commercialize or redistribute the access or information of the site or part of it, without the express written authorization of QUALITYWEB 360 ® and its legitimate owners and licensees or the public or private institutions, companies or negotiations with which the latter has concluded contract.

The acceptance of payment is an obligation that the user has to be able to make use of the application and have access to the services that are provided in it.

QUALITYWEB 360 ® is committed to issue the corresponding fiscal receipt (invoice) as proof of the operation and both the company and the user of the application, are required to pay the taxes that correspond in each case.

The use of the service and the doubts or questions clarified are exclusively personal, can not be resold or charged to others for their use or access or act in any way inconsistent with the conditions. It is prohibited to duplicate, transfer, give access, copy or distribute any response and information granted by QUALITYWEB 360 ®, as well as the application of QUALITYWEB 360 ® without the written authorization of the same. The user can not extract the contents of the service, unless specific permission is granted for it.

The user is forbidden to disclose personal data that have to do with the exclusive use of the application, as well as insult or assault in any way the executive who attends through the application. It is also prohibited to use your reputation, comments or replies received in the application in any field or for any situation external to it.

It is prohibited to send illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, harassing, racially, ethically offensive, or that encourages conduct that could be considered a criminal offense; Pretend to be someone else; send material that contains software viruses or harmful codes; interrupt the integrity or the provision of the service or the data contained in it; try to obtain unauthorized access to the service or that of their systems and / or related networks.

QUALITYWEB 360 ® and its legitimate owners and licensees, do not assume any responsibility with the contents and commercial or other services, of web sites that can be linked directly or indirectly through the portal www.quality-web. net, with whom in its opportunity it has celebrated agreements.

All this type of activities will be investigated by the company and the offender will run the risk of being permanently suspended from the platform and assume the legal consequences if required.

VALUATION OF THE SYSTEM OR DATABASE.- Any interference or activity that violates or contravenes the laws on intellectual or industrial property rights of the application or the prohibitions stipulated in these terms and conditions, will hold the party responsible for the pertinent legal actions liable to the law and will be responsible for indemnifying the company or third parties for the damages caused by their willful act.

SANCTIONS AND SUSPENSION OF OPERATIONS.- In the event that the user violates any law or condition stipulated in the agreed terms and conditions, commits fraudulent acts or his identity can not be verified, the user may be temporarily or permanently suspended from his account in the application, in addition to taking the appropriate measures by the company, which includes giving notice to the corresponding authorities, to exercise the appropriate legal actions.

RESPONSIBILITY.- The responsibility of QUALITYWEB 360 ® is the administration of a management system, aimed at increasing the productivity of a company and the quality of its products, through its own website, personalized assistance or the download of an application from computer software, mobile phones or tablets, under an account designed and developed exclusively for the client, property of QUALITYWEB 360 ®. However, the company is not responsible for the use that the user gives to such information, as well as its possible consequences in the implementation of the same opinions and recommendations for their personal purposes.

The use of the term website, refers to an internet portal created, developed and managed by QUALITYWEB 360 ®, either through its own website, personalized assistance or downloading a computer software application, mobile phones or tablets, under an account designed and developed exclusively for the client, property of QUALITYWEB 360 ®, the employees of this and certain employees and personnel associated with public, private institutions, companies, businesses or people who use the platform of QUALITYWEB 360 ®, in any of its variants.

The company will not be liable for the breach of these terms and conditions, in the event that it is due to causes beyond its control, whether technical, security or otherwise. The user exonerates the company from any loss or damage that may occur, as a result of this type of breach.

SCOPE OF SERVICES.- The application of QUALITYWEB 360 ® is intended to address and resolve the doubts and questions of users, as well as transmit and receive information in order to meet the objectives of the service. This information is considered confidential and the opinions, recommendations or points of view made by the advisors do not represent an opinion of the company.

The documentation of public, private, business or negotiation institutions, among others, on this site stored and affiliated with QUALITYWEB 360 ®, consisting of work procedures, operating instructions, operating record formats, customer complaints and their resolution , minutes of meetings, evaluations of personnel of the company, resolution of problems of the company, disagreements resulting from audits of the company, in the same way, should be treated confidentially.

The user acknowledges and accepts that any contractual or extra-contractual relationship that, if applicable, formalizes with customers, suppliers, buyers, advertisers or third parties related to the services of the website www.quality-web.net, as well as their participation in courses, data capture, promotions, are understood to be carried out solely and exclusively between the user and the clients, suppliers, buyers, advertisers and / or third person. Consequently, the user accepts that QUALITYWEB 360 ® has no responsibility whatsoever for damages or losses of any kind caused by its negotiations, conversations and / or contractual or extracontractual relations with customers, suppliers, buyers, advertisers or third parties. natural or legal persons to whom QUALITYWEB 360 ® services are provided through the website, its applications or accessory systems and the information generated in these for public or private institutions, companies or negotiations among others that have concluded a contract with QUALITYWEB 360 ®.

QUALITYWEB 360 ® is not responsible for the content and services provided by third parties that may be mentioned on the website or as part of the information achieved and developed by public or private institutions, companies or negotiations with which the latter has concluded a contract. which are subject to their own guarantees and legal provisions that govern them, regardless of the information generated in the portal www.quality-web.net.

The information or advertising presented that is disseminated through the website www.quality-web.net, by third parties, is the sole responsibility of the latter, and must be truthful, verifiable and exempt from texts, dialogues, sounds, images and descriptions, in general, that induce or may induce error or confusion, by deceptive or abusive, in compliance with the provisions of the Federal Consumer Protection Law in Mexico and any other legislation that may be applicable.

In the particular case, all the information that is generated and disseminated by the public, private, business or contracting entities referred to in the website www.quality-web.net, must have a warning caption, according to its policies. privacy and own advertising and attached to current legislation.

Being the third party referred to in the website www.quality-web.net, the only one that may respond for damages caused to the consumer the violation of this or any other provision.

QUALITYWEB 360 ®, and its owners, does not sell, rent, or otherwise facilitate the personal data of its registered users, to any physical or moral person outside of QUALITYWEB 360 ®, and its owners or others who have provided such information and that they have entered into a contract to provide services with QUALITYWEB 360 ®, with the only exceptions that QUALITYWEB 360 ® and its owners or licensees were in the event of requesting or responding to duly ordered legal requirements; or in the case that as a user, the Terms and Conditions of the website www.quality-web.net are violated, so the only way to remove the personal data provided from confidentiality will be by judicial order, so that the The corresponding authority may investigate, prevent or act against illegal activities, eliminate the possibility of committing fraud, or any situation that potentially endangers the physical or legal integrity of any person.

FAULTS IN THE SYSTEM.- QUALITYWEB 360 ® is not responsible for any damage, prejudice or loss that the user is caused by faults in the system, server or internet. Similarly, neither is responsible for any virus that could be generated. The system may not be available eventually, due to any technical difficulty or failure that occurs. The company is not responsible for any errors or omissions presented in the application.

QUALITYWEB 360 ® is not responsible for any interruption or cessation of transmission to or from our servers; of errors, Trojan viruses, or similar that are transmitted by third parties; errors and omissions in any content or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred, expressly releasing QUALITYWEB 360 ® and its legitimate owners and licensees of any claim in this regard.

QUALITYWEB 360 ® does not guarantee the availability, access and continuity of the operation of www.quality-web.net and its services. QUALITYWEB 360 ® will not be responsible, with the limits established in the current legal system, for the damages caused to the user as a consequence of the unavailability, access failures and lack of continuity of www.quality-web.net, and its services.

QUALITYWEB 360 ® does not control beforehand and does not guarantee the absence of viruses and other elements in the contents and services provided by third parties through www.quality-web.net, which may introduce alterations in the computer system, electronic documents or files of the users.

QUALITYWEB 360 ® will not be responsible, indirectly or subsidiarily, for damages of any kind arising from the use and contracting of the contents and services of third parties in the portal as well as the lack of legality, reliability, usefulness, veracity, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of them. With an enunciative character, and in no case limiting, will not be responsible for the damages and losses of any nature derived from:

a) infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights and defective compliance or breach of contractual commitments acquired by third parties;

b) the performance of acts of unfair competition and illegal advertising; c) the inadequacy and disappointment of the expectations of the services and contents of the third parties; d) the vices and defects of all kinds of the services and contents of third parties provided through the website www.quality-web.net.

QUALITYWEB 360 ® will not be responsible, neither indirectly nor subsidiarily, for damages of any nature caused to the user as a consequence of the presence of viruses or other elements in the contents and services provided by third parties that may cause alterations in the computer system, electronic documents or user files.

The exoneration of responsibility indicated in the preceding paragraphs shall apply if QUALITYWEB 360 ® does not have effective knowledge that the activity or information stored is lawful or that it damages property or rights of a third party, subject to compensation, or if they had one, act with diligence to remove the data and contents or make it impossible to access them.

In case of problems of performance, stability or operation of the site, the user should send an email to the address soporte@quality-web.net, describing the problem and that contingency will be addressed as quickly as possible.

BILLING FEES.- The registration of the application has a cost, which can be charged monthly or annually, as decided by the user, and this payment can be made through electronic transfer, deposit in bank, in addition to the electronic applications paypal or payment market; the service will be valid while payment of the same is covered. The company reserves the right to modify, add or eliminate the current rates at any time, which will be notified immediately. It also reserves the right to carry out extrajudicial and judicial procedures that seem appropriate to obtain the payment of the amount fixed.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.- All procedures, functionalities, software, trademarks or distinctive signs, images, photographs, graphics, text files, audio, video, programs, databases, screens, networks and other content related to the services provided by the company, available on the www.quality-web.net site, its applications or accessory systems, as well as the QUALITYWEB 360 ® brand that may appear on the website, as well as its disposition and use, are property of this and are protected by international laws and treaties on intellectual, industrial, criminal and copyright, as well as international treaties of copyright, trademarks, patents, utility models and industrial designs of which the Mexican state is a party; not being subject to modification, copying, alteration, reproduction, adaptation or translation by the user or third parties, without the express authorization and in writing of the respective and legitimate owners of said contents; that is, the company.

In no case the provision of these contents to the user, will imply the transfer of ownership or any right of use or exploitation in favor of the user other than the use that refers to legitimate use and according to the nature of the services .

It is strictly forbidden any copy, reproduction, representation, adaptation or dissemination, total or partial of this site, including images, content, structure and design. No person or entity may reproduce or use (or authorize the reproduction or use of) the QUALITYWEB 360 ® Trademarks and logos in any form that is not explicitly authorized by the legitimate owners or licensees of such trademarks.

The intellectual property rights of third parties that have signed a previous agreement or service contract with QUALITYWEB 360 ® and its legitimate owners and licensees, such as public, private, business or negotiation institutions, among others, and that are published with their authorization in this website, correspond solely and exclusively to their respective authors or owners.

In this sense, said third parties will be the only ones obliged and responsible to provide commercial information about their products and services they provide, in accordance with the Federal Law of Consumer Protection of the Mexican Republic and any provision that may be applicable in their country of origin. .

It is possible that some content, such as written information, statistics, photographs, sound and video, are protected by intellectual property rights, so that people who have made or appear in such content, may have the right to control the use of your information and image. In that order of ideas, no person who has access to the website can share the content of other people, unless they own the rights relative to them or have obtained permission from the owner of the copyright or industrial property. protect them.

Failure to comply with the above conditions will constitute an illegal activity, which may give rise to the corresponding administrative, civil or criminal sanctions according to the applicable legislation.

JURISDICTION AND APPLICABLE LAW.- This agreement will be governed in all its points by the laws in force in the United Mexican States. Any dispute arising from this agreement, its existence, validity, interpretation, scope, execution or compliance, will be resolved by the competent courts in the State of Jalisco, so the parties renounce any other jurisdiction that may correspond for the reason of their addresses, present or future, or for any other reason.