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BY GABRIEL SALLES - Dec 18, 2018

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A frequent problem in the organizations that are implementing - and those that do not - a management system based on some ISO standard is the control of documents that are being generated. While the requirements in the ISO standards are clear, they never tell us exactly how to accomplish them for our organization and it ends up being very frustrating.



I will not make a transcript as such of the text of the norm so that this article does not become too technical, finally the idea is to take strategies to carry a good documentary management, I will give you a list of minimum concepts and how to apply them:



Design a header that you can use in all documentation, including at least your company's logo, the name of the document, the code and the revision number.

The codes can be so easy -and I recommend it- as WP-HQ-01 that is: PT => Work Procedure, DIR => Head Quarters and 01 => Consecutive number.

The revision is a number that changes every time you make a change to a document, you can start at 0 when you create it and you increase it by 1 each time a change is approved. This serves to let the reader know if he is using the latest version of the document or if he has an obsolete one.

Create a record where you list all the documents with which you have in your document management and the basic information of them, you can search for them in the net with the name of Master List of Documents.



As nowadays almost all employees have a computer at their reach, what is recommended is that you concentrate all the documents in a network shared folder and that everyone has access to it.

Convert all the files to PDF so that no one can modify them and protect them against printing, except for the records so that you do not have copies of the procedures without any control, the records have no problem because at the end of the day they do not have information.

For the copies that if you distribute in physical you have to seal them with a legend of "Controlled Copy" and create a record where you document all the printed copies that you give so that they are updated every time there is a change to that document.



Each user must safeguard their records very well in order to retrieve their information in the future, create a record where details how each is stored, where, what protection they give, how long they keep them and, finally, what they do to these records when this time passes.

In the same way, you can download this registry with the name of Master Record List.



This refers to all the documents that you did not write in your company but that you need as support to carry out certain activities, such as machinery operation manuals, laws, regulations, etc.

To maintain good control of external documents, only include the information of these documents in the Master Document List.



To control the changes in the documents very clearly you must create a record that will work as a Change Request, with the minimum information of; What document does the change require? Who is requesting it? For what reason? Who reviews the change? and Who approves it ?.

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